‘Transformers: ‘The Last Knight:’ please be the last

This will not be one of those reviews arguing a winding point-of-view, complete with peaks, valleys and interesting surprises. This film is trash from front to back, not remotely interesting and not worth anyone’s time. The review will probably follow suit (but we’ll oblige anyway). “Transformers: The Last Knight” was made by a man who […]

“Code of Honor”: as generic as it gets.

To start, neither of us have ever seen a Steven Seagal movie prior to “Code of Honor,” so we didn’t really know what to expect. What we got was an incredibly predictable action movie with groan inducing cliches occurring so frequently that within 10 minutes we both had entirely filled out our Action-Movie Bingo cards. […]

“Sharknado”: stupidity defined

To say that this film is brainless is an incredibly easy thing to do. However, “Sharknado” intends it fully, and isn’t afraid to be laughed at. This film helped to usher on a new wave of b-movies for us to enjoy, so for that, we are grateful. At its core, Syfy’s unlikely TV-movie hit is […]

‘Twilight’: our top 10 worst moments

“Twilight” is composed of many mediocre moments and characters. Here is our top 10 list: 10. Derek Trucks Vampire Ok, so I guess his name is actually James or something, but we really enjoy this young ponytail’s mediocre villainy. He decided he was going to take out Bella after smelling her at a baseball game […]

‘Twilight’: working the sulk

Be still, our throbbing hormones. Today, we reminisce on an awkward, alto high school girl and her pale vampire boyfriend, who’s stalking tendencies she somehow finds endearing. That’s right kids; it’s “Twilight.” Excluding the gaggles of high school bloodsuckers that rushed to the theater for the 2008 film, “Twilight” generally has a a poor reputation, and […]