‘A Christmas Prince’: the holiday crash you can’t look away from

Can something be so mediocre it’s captivating?

It’s a question we’re still grappling with after watching Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince,” a beat-for-beat Hallmark-style Christmas movie released in November.

“A Christmas Prince” is by no means good. Stale acting, laughable dialogue, predictable plot points and unrealistic happenings deck the halls of this flick. But somehow, the movie has a charm in that it knows exactly what it’s doing, and isn’t afraid to do it anyway.

From IMDB: When a reporter (Rose McIver) goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a playboy prince (Ben Lamb), she gets tangled in some royal intrigue and ends up finding love — but will she be able to keep up her lie?

Normally, we aren’t fans of films that are strictly mediocre. We look for movies that are laughably bad, senseless and inexplicable. However, “A Christmas Prince” seems to strive to overcome viewers’ expectations of its lameness at every turn, delivering a line a little cheesier than what you were expecting, or a plot point a little more convenient than you could fathom.

All the classic characters are present and accounted for. The female reporter lead, the sassy work friends, the unreasonable boss, the gorgeous but emotionally scarred male lead, the evil ex, the “bad guy,” the strict parent with a heart of gold and the lovable child with surprising wisdom.

The film falls under the category of “Hallmark cliche” rather than “Hollywood cliche,” which we much prefer. There’s something comforting about a film you’ve seen 1,000 times before, especially when the film is almost going out of its way to conform to that format, and even surpass it. We also prefer a cast that is unknown, and lukewarm performances (for bad movies, at least).

The movie is best watched with friends or a significant other, delivering a sports-like commentary/roast on the cliche series of events that unfold. The film is quite entertaining, and a good bad movie to enjoy with friends and family of all ages.

Three Cages for this film. We’re feeling generous; it’s the holiday season after all.

Cage O’Meter: img_0014-8img_0014-8img_0014-8





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