Bad Movie World is back, and we’re FINALLY starting a podcast

Hello bad movie lovers near and far. Did you miss us?

Don’t answer that.

Fortunately, no apocalyptic event has yet occurred, and though it’s institutions are slowly crumbling into the uncontrollably expanding ocean, the United States still remains in-tact. And as long as we’re still around, we might as well be spending our precious and waning moments making fun of really bad movies.

That’s right, we’re back to the blog, and we’ll soon be launching…wait for it…OUR PODCAST! Exciting right? The three of you who follow us will now get to tune in to some in-depth monotone conversations about the horrible films we are discovering. What fun awaits.

Our plan is to kickoff our return with something Christmassy. We’ll see what happens.

If you have any suggestions for the podcast, let us know. Trolling is always welcome as well. We’re still working out the format, but we’re hoping to have an episode up soon.

Happy Holidays, y’all!


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