‘Twilight’: our top 10 worst moments

“Twilight” is composed of many mediocre moments and characters. Here is our top 10 list:

10. Derek Trucks Vampire

Ok, so I guess his name is actually James or something, but we really enjoy this young ponytail’s mediocre villainy. He decided he was going to take out Bella after smelling her at a baseball game ( totes normal, right?), and ends up getting torn up and burned. Sorry Derek, maybe stick to guitar.


9. Bella’s dad prepares to meet the boyfriend

This is actually a pretty funny moment. But, alas for him, bullets won’t work on ol’ twinkle toes.


8. Pre-steroids Taylor Lautner.

Back when he was still a bit dweebish.


7. Kristen Stewart being awkward

Kate McKinnon did a dead-on impression of Kristen on SNL recently. Somehow she did it better.


6. Edward creeping

Edward Cullen is creepy for 105 percent of this film. Sure, R -Pat is a looker, but Edward’s creepiness….come on. It’s not a good look.

Edward Cullen throws a vampire tantrum in new Eclipse clips.jpeg

5. Edward watching Bella sleep

It never stops.


(via YourTango.com)


Are you noticing the trend yet?


(Via FunnyCaptions.com)

3. All that tree jumpin’

This is obviously a ripoff of “Empire Strikes Back,” without the obvious sex appeal of Yoda. Oh, and very meh CGI.


2. The Cullens

What a strange, strange family.


1. Vampire baseball

It was always vampire baseball, despite the fact that our heroes seem to have a very loose grasp of the rules. Plus, there’s almost a brawl. Still waiting for the “ESPN 30 for 30” on this game.



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