What we’re hoping for in ‘Best F(R)iends’

Guess who’s back? Back again? Tommy’s back. Tell your friends.

That’s right, a trailer was released back in October 2016 for a thriller starring the not-so-dynamic duo, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, made infamous by “The Room.” Just judging by the film’s title, “Best F(R)iends,” it would appear viewers will once again be in for a bizarre ride.

This film is likely an attempt to cash in on the upcoming James Franco flick “The Disaster Artist,” a movie about the making of “The Room”  in which Franco will portray Wiseau. The Franco flick is based on a book written by Sestero about the real-life making of the film.

Sestero, who co-wrote “The Room” with Wiseau, wrote “Best F(R)iends” as well.

But, who cares about the motivation, we’ll take it!

The trailer is simply glorious. Rather than write out a summary for you, just watch it (below). Trust me, it will be worth your while.

Brilliant, right? It’s incredible to see good ol’ Johnny and Mark on screen again.

Sestero appears to have aged pretty well, and Wiseau appears not to have aged at all, probably because he sleeps in a coffin. You know you’re watching a Wiseau film when you can’t understand the first thing he says in the trailer.

“Hey you, I’m so sorry about your family, I cannot help you in ninja and karate.”

Wiseau creepily offers Sestero a job, and two set off on the road, where shenanigans ensue. Wiseau plays a mortician, and some weird business with dead bodies is involved. And fear not fans of “The Room,” the incredible bad acting is all over the upcoming film (yes, I can tell just by the trailer).

So, what are we hoping for? Incompetence. Incompetence everywhere. We would expect nothing less from the Paul and John of shitty movies. Sure, they only did one. But it’s the best bad movie of all time.

The acting looks magnificently awful. Wiseau and Sestero speak with similar inflections as they did in “The Room.” And, we have some new talent, namely Sestero’s apparent love interest, who delivers some ackward lines that will make you cringe with jubilation.

We also need some Wiseau-style insanity, which there should be plenty of, judging by the trailer. Tommy seems perfectly cast in this flick.

Sestero: “Who are you?”

Wiseau: “We’re going to my paradise.”

Number one, Wiseau did not answer the question. Number two, Wiseau’s paradise is the last place I would ever want to be.

To wrap things up, we want another disasterpiece. We want the nonsense, the bad acting, the nonsensical plot, all of it. Some weirdness and violence, too. Why not? Let’s see how crazy these two can get. They might just have another cult hit on their hands.

What do you think of the trailer for “Best F(R)iends?” Shoot us a message or comment and let us know. There is no release date for the film, but we hope it will happen soon.

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