‘Samurai Cop II: Deadly Vengance’ (yes, they made a sequel)

img_0058“Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengence” is hard evidence that when a filmmaker specifically intends to make a bad movie, its bad, but often in a very unenjoyable way. Even if Tommy Wiseau is involved.

Woven from just over $60,000 raised from a Kickstarter project (and possibly some other funds), this sort-of-at-best anticipated sequel is confusing, jarring and not particularly funny.

Twenty-five years after the events of the first installment, Detective Frank Washington (Mark Fraser) is forced to team up with his long-estranged partner Joe Marshall (Mathew Karedas) to investigate assassinations, or something.

We’ll start with the positives. Seeing the return of almost the entire cast from the first film is really nice. Some of them look better than others, but its good to see most of them up and about. Several callbacks are made to the original, such as references to Washington’s “black gift” and Marshall’s awkward “keep it warm” line. Those were great.

Additionally, Tommy Wiseau’s brief appearance DID make this movie better. During one of the scenes when Tommy (because who cares about the character’s name) and Joe are circling each other slowly with swords in an intense stare-down, it seems someone just told Tommy to “start saying some shit.” What follows is Wiseau delivering a hilariously nonsensical monologue in a way only he can.

The movie is completely and utterly ridiculous from front to back (as expected), but a lot of the awkwardness and honest effort is missing here. One of the best things about the first movie was the passion, no matter how dreadful the quality. This go-round really felt like it was phoned in.

Bad movies need just enough structure to give you a template as to what they would look like if done well. This film just inexplicably cuts from one thing to the next. The film style is jarring to the point of nausea, and is physically uncomfortable to watch at times.

Obviously, the bad acting, horrible sets, cheesy lines, mispronounced lines and overall badnesss did return. But the heart and character did not.

Anyway, we give this two Cages, but barely. It’s disappointing that the sequel fell so far from the shoestring glory of its predecessor.

Cage O’Meter: img_0014-8img_0014-8

Main Author: Brandon Semler




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