‘Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs’: a prehistoric shootout

img_0048Well, with a premise like this, what more could we expect?

“Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs” is a movie about, well, cowboys batteling dinosaurs. How, you may ask, did these dinosaurs come about these cowboys?” Well, from an underground Iridium mine of course! And once released from thier subterrainian prison, these CG monsters are out for only one thing: human flesh.

Only the brave cowboys of rural Montana can hope to destroy this foul menace and restore law and order to their beloved town.

Ridiculous, we know, but this summary really just scratches the surface. Look a little deeper and you’ll see unbelievably bad acting and dollar-store special effects peering back at you.

And trust us, we have seen A LOT of movies with bad special effects. Honestly, in our opinion, the bulk of the entertainment from this movie comes from CG dinos ackwardly prancing around.

The rest of the entertainment, however, lies in the poor acting, watching the main character deliver cheesy one liners (“you’re history,” for example) and seeing Eric Roberts’ face melt off when a jail-breaking dinosaur spat venom in his face.

Those hilarious happenings are enough to elevate this movie to a nice middle-of-the-road rating of 3 cages. This movie isn’t quite DYNO-mite, but its not bad either. Grab a beer and turn off your brain.

Main Author: Jared Kirk

Cage O’Meter: img_0014-5img_0014-4img_0014-4

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