‘Reefer Madness’: roll at your own risk

This movie just reinforces commonly known truths. Smoking marijuana will cause you to dance to fast piano jazz, become a sexual monster and ultimately commit murder.

Well, maybe not, but a film about a bunch of teens staring at a Pringles can wouldn’t be very interesting.

Before we watched “Reefer Madness” for the first time, we were both aware of the cult status this film entertains. It seemed as if this was going to be another so-bad-its-good disasterpiece worthy of atleast 4 cages.

Well, prepare to b disappointed.

“Reefer Madness” (1936) is an anti-drug propaganda piece detailing the downward spiral of a number of youths who try the dreaded drug Marihuana (yes, thats how they spelled it back then, I guess) and the horrible acts they commit while under the influence of it.

Right off the bat, it goes without saying that the science behind “Reefer Madness” is about as valid as the claim that we (Brandon and Jared) are male models. From stating that marijuana is more dangerous than heroin to suggesting that it makes people commit rape and hit-and-runs, this film’s grasp of the drug is laughably off-point.

But that’s about the only laughable part.

To be honest, the film is not really that funny. Maybe if we had smoked the aforementioned drug beforehand, we would have found it more funny, but as it stands this films is just utterly boring and not at all worth watching.

Except for a few minor cases, the acting wasn’t particularly bad, nor was the editing or the dialogue. So there wasn’t really much enjoyable about this movie.

Some of the scenes toward the end will render a chuckle because of their stupidity, namely the famous piano scene. But that’s about it.

We can say without any debate that this movie flat out SUCKS, and therefore we award this movie a measly 1 cage, our lowest rating yet. “Reefer Madness” is utter garbage, not deserving of it’s cult status in anyway whatsoever.

Main Author: Jared Kirk

Where to watch: just don’t.

Cage O’Meter:   img_0014-8


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