‘Batman & Robin’: the top 10 moments

Most millennials out there at least vaguely remember the lovably deplorable “Batman & Robin” (1997). From the outlandish characters, to the stupid quip/pun overload, to Ah’nuld to Alicia Silverstone, Joel Schumacher’s sequel to “Batman Forever” is really, really bad.

Val Kilmer tags George Clooney, who portrays a very bored and cocky Bruce Wayne/Batman. Along with returning Robin (Chris O’Donnell), the dynamic duo must stop the evil Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman) from freezing the world so plants can grow, or something. At some point, Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone) comes along, and three becomes a party.

Instead of doing the standard review for this one, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite terrible moments. The movie earns a solid four cages for its hilarious ineptitude at every corner.

10. The sexy gorilla suit dance

Our first moment takes place at the Gothham Charity Ball, or whatever it is. Before the person under the purple gorilla suit reveals herself to be the sexy Poison Ivy, we have several awkward seconds of a purple gorilla dancing seductively for a dazed Batman and Robin.

9. “What killed the dinosaurs?”

One of the more famous Mr. Freeze quips that is as funny as it is hisorically accurate. At least Ah’nuld says it with some spunk.

8. All that bat ass

There’s just so much bat ass.

7. The hockey henchmen

Mr. Freeze’s henchmen actually skate around with hockey sticks. I mean, it makes sense. Plus, they end up conveniently slapping around a priceless jewel as a puck.

6. Batnips 

Mmmmmm….yes. The Batnips. What an invention.

5. Robinnips

Don’t worry folks…Robin has them too.

4. “He’s Mr. White Christmas, he’s Mr. Snow”

That amazing scene when Mr. Freeze is conducting his shivering henchmen choir, who are holding sheet music.

3. The Batcard

Yep, while bidding on spending a night with Poison Ivy (essentially prostitution), our caped crusader whipped out his GothCard. And the cringe could be felt throughout the world on that day.

2. Uma Thurman’s hair

Well…you be the judge.

1. Be kind rewind

In one of the laziest moves in cinematic history, Schumacker uses reverse tape to portray Robin gasping for air whilst battling underwater plants. We’re too cheap to get a blog with embedding capabilities, so you can watch it here.

Main Author: Brandon Semler

Where to Watch: YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, DVD/Blu-Ray

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