‘FDR: American Badass’ (a revisionist history)

During this bitter and turbulent election night, we need to remember a simpler time.

Let’s venture back to the 1940s, when a pack of polio-spreading werewolves formed the axis of evil, and our president Franklin Delano Roosevelt was really a complete and utter badass with a pimped-out, fully-automatic wheelchair called the “Delano 2000.”

Are we a little off on our facts? Didn’t think so.

At least not according to “FDR: American Badass” (2012). This next-to-no budget comedy romp features a very different, completely stupid twist on the story of FDR, and his battles (literally) as president.

While often times side-splittingly hilarious, the movie is so oversaturated with jokes that, upon viewing it for a second time, we still aren’t sure we’ve heard them all.

From Roosevelt’s utter gangster-esque aura, to his termination of Hitler using wheelchair-mounted rocket launchers on the beaches of Normandy, to Hitler referring to Mussolini’s idea of taking over Ethiopia as “Ein bitch move,” this movie does do much right (in a very wrong way).

Oh, he also tokes up with Abe Lincoln.

However, it still is a bad movie, and therefore has its flaws. The very fact that this movie is so over-stuffed with jokes is also what makes it at times uncomfortable, and at other times nearly unbearable.

That is often the problem with comedies; they try too hard, and as a result wear down the viewer to the point of boredom. For example, there is a scene where FDR’s secretary is rubbing her mouth all of the presidents ketchup and mustard covered polio-stricken legs, which is just weird and gross, and not really funny at all.

Also, the not-so-subtle jabs the movie takes at racial humor seem completely out of place, gratuitous, and actually somewhat offensive. There’s also widespanning offensive material throughout the film, so you’ve got to have a stomach for that kind of thing if you’re going to get through it.

In the end, however, I could still recommend this movie to someone who wanted to have a good time. Therefore (drumroll please) this movie earns three Cages, despite its shortcomings. It’ll probably be better with a little bit of alcohol in the system. Just please, dont drink anything from Germany, Italy or Japan (it has werewolf blood in it).

Especially Sake. Because ew.

Main author: Jared Kirk

Where to Watch: Youtube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, DVD/Blu-Ray

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