Hellraiser: Revelations (eye roll)

The only revelation we came across in this film’s 75-minute runtime is that it really sucks.

To its credit, “Hellraiser: Revelations” (2011) does put you in the experience, as you feel like one of the chained victims forced to watch the offensively uninteresting nailface and his weird friends do boring, predictable, violent things.

However, nailface and his friends are virtually nonexistent for most of the movie. For the majority of the film, viewers are forced to watch very uninteresting “normal” characters do very uninteresting things.

And when they actually DO crazy things, you’re already over the whole thing.

The movie revolves around two annoyingly bratty young adults going to Tiujana, and getting involved in Pandora’s Box shenanigans. They go missing, weird stuff starts, and the whole family gets involved.

This movie annoyingly tries to jump on the found footage bandwagon, but only does so a few times. There is no flow, horrible dialogue and no character building.

This is not a fun or funny bad movie. You’re forced to squirm in pain, much like nailface’s victims, until the film delivers a stupid plot twist and delivers a very unsatisfactory ending.

Oh, and there’s needless sex. But that’s a given.

So, if you want to put yourself in chains of boredom, give this one a try.

Main author: Brandon Semler

Where to Watch: Netflix, DVD/Blu-Ray

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