Master Pancake: the ultimate bad movie experience

In my book, trashing a bad movie while consuming delicious food, drinking beer and enjoying great company is one of the most unique and fulfilling experiences out there.

However, when four people funnier than you are doing the trashing, it’s even better.

Last night, I attended the Master Pancake Theater screening of Tommy Wiseau’s misguided and malnourished disasterpiece “The Room,” and by the end of its 99-minute runtime, my sides were actually in pain from laughter.

Master Pancake Theater is a special event hosted by Alamo Drafthouse in which several funny folks essentially trash the film (cleverly). The event is not limited to bad movies, as the gang has covered gems like “Titanic” and “Jurassic Park” in the past.

The setup consisted of four comedians unleashing fire at the monstrosity on the screen. The jokes were very well-timed, and the group did a good job of just letting the awfulness breathe now and then. A good mix of improv and pre-written jokes were dished out to the roar of laughter already taking place from the awkward pain of the movie.

Some other twists and turns unfolded throughout the performance, but I don’t want to say to much. It is an experience that I highly recommend for the bad movie lovers of Austin.

In addition to the lols, Alamo Drafthouse’s phenomenal food, beer selection, service and atmosphere is in itself a superb treat for film fans. It’s essentially the only way I’ve been able to go to the movies since becoming an Austinite.

A review for the film “The Room” will be coming soon, so if you’re upset that I haven’t talked much about Tommy and the tuxedo football crew, I will.

So, go to Master Pancake if the opportunity arises, folks. Support your local entertainment and stuff. You won’t regret it.

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