‘The Wicker Man’ Drinking Game

Most sane individuals don’t have the strength to stomach a movie as horrendous as “The Wicker Man.” So, this little game below should help out.

It will make the funny moments a lot more funny. It will make the dull moments at least kind of funny. It will make the overall experience more psychologically manageable.

So, pick your drinks of choice and have at it. Just don’t drink that weird mead the one lady was dishing out. Seriously, don’t do it.

Take a Shot every time:

  • The little girl in red gets hit by a truck
  • Nic Cage uses any tense of the word “burn” (ex. burned, burnt)
  • Anyone says “the bees” (especially Nic Cage)
  • Nic Cage has a flashback
  • An island woman/girl laughs creepily
  • Nice Cage punches someone in the face

Take a drink of beer/wine/cider every time:

  • Nic Cage’s hair infuriates you
  • You say a small prayer for the movie to be over
  • You think the movie should be renamed “McPoyle Island”
  • Nic Cage has a zany moment
  • You think “wow, that’s kinda messed up”

*If you’re drinking, be responsible, and don’t get behind the wheel. That’s how bad things happen.

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