Top 10 ‘Samurai Cop’ lines

You probably hoped we were done with “Samurai Cop,” but sorry, we’re not. Today, we focus on the incredible and often dumbfounding language used in the film. From complete cliche to total nonsense, the quotes of ‘Samurai Cop’ are some of the best in the big, bad movie world. The mispronounced and poorly spoken adventures […]

‘Assassin’s Creed’: our review

Finally a good videogame movie, right? Please?! The very fact that we’re reviewing the movie on this blog should tip you off. No, “Assassin’s Creed” wasn’t a good movie; it’s just the latest entry in the pantheon of poorly made movie adaptations of video games. And, unlike the rest of the movies we’ve reviewed here, […]

‘Samurai Cop’: a magical misfire

“Samurai Cop” is not your average bad movie. The horrible quotes, shoddy filmmaking and laughable dynamics easily launch the film into bad movie canon, alongside disasterpieces like “The Room.” First and foremost, the film is terrible. Bad acting, horrible dialogue, cringe-worthy audio and tired jokes run free and without worry through the movie’s duration. Yet, […]